Estate Planning



Many people procrastinate when it comes to estate planning. It can be a daunting thought, deciding who gets your assets when you are gone, and who will manage your assets if you become disabled. They are tasks that most people would prefer to ignore. By coming to Attorney Lesley Turmelle Abbott’s website, you have taken the first step in securing your future.

After spending years building financial security for you and your family, don't risk losing it by failing to plan for your future. There are a variety of threats that can prevent your estate from being managed and distributed according to your wishes. Estate planning can include: guardianship, trust provisions, and living wills. An estate planning attorney can assist you with:
Protecting your assets from being lost to unnecessary taxes, nursing home expenses, and probate fees.

An estate plan is about more than just creating a will or living will. It is about planning for what you may encounter during your life. A sound estate plan equates to peace of mind for you and your family.

Estate Planning

When a loved one passes away, the families of that loved one have suffered a great loss. Ms. Abbott appreciates this and works with her clients to ensure that their Estate Planning is complete to ensure their families will have one less worry. No matter the size of the estate, everyone should be able to feel secure that their wishes will be honored.

Estate Planning Areas of Practice Include:

• Last will and testament
• Durable power of attorney
• Living will
• Living trusts
• Pre-need guardianships
• Healthcare surrogate
• Same-sex estate planning

  • Have a plan in place if you become disabled.
  • Have your wishes known for medical decisions.
  • Be assured that your assets will end up with your heirs and other beneficiaries that you choose.

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